Can I track cash or check payments on Cheddar Up?

Yes. We know that despite your best efforts some people may still want to pay you with cash or a check. We have features to accommodate this.

  1. First, if you want to give people the option to pay with cash or a check, you can enable our cash/check payment method so that it's available for your payers at checkout. You’ll see the option to turn on this payment method within your Collection Settings.
  2. If someone opts to pay via cash or check, we have features on your Manage view that allow you to record whether or not you have received that cash or check payment. This means no more tracking offline payments with a separate spreadsheet - you can do it all right from Cheddar Up.
  3. Let’s say someone proactively pays you with a check and skips your awesome online page altogether. We have you covered here too. Just click the blue "Accept In-Person Payment” button on your Manage view and you’ll be able to record that payment alongside your online payments.

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