How do I add and manage Account Managers?

Our TEAM plan allows account holders to add managers (unlimited) to help manage collections while limiting their ability to see or access financial information or make withdrawals.

• Managers can be invited to access all collections or specific collections designated by the account holder.
• By default, managers will be able to create new collections within the account.
• By default, managers will receive payment notifications for the accounts in which they have access. 
• Manager permissions can be updated by going to "My Account" and click on "Managers". 

How to add managers to your account (Team Plan):
1. Click on "Managers" within "My Account"
2. Enter first name, last name and email and click "Send Invite"
3. Your manager will be sent an invitation to join your account.

How to update permissions (the collections a manager can access):
1. Click on "Managers" within "My Account"
2. After you invite your Manager, click to expand permissions
3. Select one of three manager permissions from the dropdown: 

  • All collections
    Manager will be able to view and edit all active collections within your account
  • Specific collections
    You select which active collections the manager can view and edit
  • Only collections created by manager
    Manager will not have access to any of your active collections. They will only be able to view and edit collections that they have created within your account.

How to remove a manager from your account:
1. Click on "Managers" within "My Account"
2. Click on the trash can icon next to the manager's name

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