How do I collect using Cheddar Up?

First, make sure you create an account on Cheddar Up. You will do this in one of two ways - either use the sign-up page specific to your council, or by clicking on the link in the Welcome onboarding email you receive, which will prompt you to create your account. Signing up via your Council's specific method is what will give you access to the special tools outlined in your Council's partnership. If you're not sure how to get started, contact Cheddar Up Support.

Once registered, from the “My Collections” page, click "Create". This will take you to the Collection builder. When creating a collection page, you’ll find custom tools at your disposal.

  • Within the Details step, you’ll have the option to add a custom-branded banner.
  • Within the Items step, you’ll find an Item Library for the Girl Scouts that allows you to add items easily. Once you add items to your collection, you can edit the items by clicking on the blue box to the right inside the item box. This allows you to change the item name or price.
  • Within the Forms step, you’ll see a number of forms that will help you eliminate paper and make collecting information such as waiver signatures and parent contact info easier than ever. Once you add a form, you can click on the gear icon to the right inside the form box to make changes.

At any time while creating your collection, you can click the “Preview” button in the upper right to see how your page is coming along.

Once you are done creating a collection, you’ll land on the “Share” step. This is where you will see the link (or URL) to your collection. You can customize this link if you want to make it shorter or more specific. You can share this link with your troop parents almost anywhere – on a Facebook page, email, text…even on a flier. From this Share view, you'll also see an "Invite" feature off to the left. This feature allows you to enter (or copy and paste) your parent emails so Cheddar Up can send them a friendly invitation to view the collection. If you use this invite feature, you'll have the option to send automatic reminders with the click of a button. 

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