How do I collect payments using Cheddar Up?

First, make sure you create an account on Cheddar Up using your customized sign up page if one is available to you. Follow the links below to find your sign up page.

Ohio PTA
New York State PTA
Delaware PTA
European PTA

Signing up on this page is what will give you access to the custom tools created exclusively for your PTA. If you’ve already been using Cheddar Up and want access to these tools, please reach out to  Cheddar Up Support and they will help!

Once registered, from the “My Collections” page, click "Create". This will take you to the Collection builder. From here, you can begin to create your collection page and find custom tools:

  • Within the Details step, you’ll have the option to add a custom-branded banner.
  • Within the Items step, you’ll find an Item Library for your PTA that allows you to add items easily. Once you add these items to your page, you can edit them by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right of the item box. This will allow you to change the item name or price at your convenience.
  • Within the Forms step, you’ll see a preloaded form to collect basic information from your members. Once added, you can click on the gear icon in the upper right of the form box to make any necessary customizations.

At any time while creating your collections page, you can click the “Preview” button in the upper right to see how your page is coming along.

Once you are done building your page, you’ll land on the “Share” step. This is where you will see the link (or URL) to your new online page. You can customize this link if you want to make it shorter or more specific. This link is what you’ll want to share with your community. You can share it almost anywhere – on a Facebook page, school website, eblast or newsletter…even on a flier. The more you promote this link, the more you’ll increase your collections.

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