Can I create a collection with multiple amounts or items?

Yes! The ability to create a collection with multiple amounts (or items) means that you can use Cheddar Up to collect for almost anything—registration, t-shirts, fun runs, teacher gifts, sample sales, class reunions, monthly dues...the list goes on.

To add multiple items, on the Build step, you'll want to click on "Items". Here, just click "Add Item" for as many items as you need to add. Once you add multiple items, you'll see a number of additional options that allow you to do more - such as replicating, editing and deleting items - even reordering items or placing items into categories. Watch this quick video tutorial for more detail. 

In addition to adding multiple items, you can also build variations (size, color, style, time)  into your item.  Explore our Item Variations feature in this FAQ.

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