How do I set up recurring payments?

Recurring payments can be set up when creating your collection. You can make any item recurring as it makes sense for your needs. A recurring payment item is a payment that comes with a schedule. A payer can pay for this item once and then have future payments (based on the schedule/frequency happen automatically behind the scenes). Here are the steps to creating a recurring item: 

  1. When in the collection builder, on the "Items" step, click "Add Item". 
  2. Give your item a name and decide whether your item will have an exact amount, or whether the payer will be able to decide on the amount (any amount)). 
  3. Click the "Enable recurring payments for this item" checkbox to reveal the different options for configuring your recurring item (NOTE: You will need to upgrade to the TEAM plan to use recurring payments). 
  4. Next, select the recurring payment terms:
    1. When the series should start (either the first day of the payment or on a specific date in the future)
    2. Frequency of the payments (every X of months or weeks)
    3. When the series should end (after X number of payments or never)
  5. Complete any additional item specifics and click "Save". Now you have an item that is ready to accept recurring payments.

Check out some example collections that use recurring payments here.

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