How do I add a waiver to my collection?

When creating a collection, go to the Forms step. There you'll find the option to add a waiver. 

Click "Add Waiver". Then you'll be prompted to give your waiver a name and then add the content for your waiver. Once you paste or type in your waiver content, you can use the formatting features to add line breaks, bold or italicize text to add attention, etc. 

Then click "Save Waiver". Whenever you add a waiver to your collection page, an e-signature, along with the signer's first name, last name and date will be required. 

The best part? Waivers are FREE! You can add up to one form or waiver to your collection on our Basic plan. Need more? Check out our  upgraded plans that are limitless! 

When creating your collection, go to the Forms step where you'll see the "Add Waiver" option. 
Then give your waiver a name, add and format your waiver content and click "Save Waiver". 

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