Can I send reminders?

Yes. If you invite people to your collection using Cheddar Up's Invite feature, you will have the ability to send them automatic reminder messages. Let us do that awkward reminding for you! Here's how it works. Go to the Share section of your collection and click on Invite. In order to use Cheddar Up's reminder feature you must at some point invite people here. Then, when you're ready to do the reminding, (now that Cheddar Up knows who to send the reminders to) you can simply click on "Follow Up". On this view, you'll see a list of those individuals who have not yet paid. Simply clicking on the clock icon next to each person who has not yet paid and Cheddar Up will send them an instant reminder. Want to send a reminder to everyone who hasn't paid in one click (or schedule regular reminders for the future)? Click "Auto Reminders" and you'll see these options.  

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