What happens if I receive a dispute?

Should a payer dispute a payment made to one of your collections, both you and the payer will receive email notifications.

The payment amount, along with a separate $15 dispute fee, levied by the card network, will be deducted from your account balance.

Cheddar Up will then begin to work through the process of responding to the dispute.  The dispute resolution process allows us to submit evidence on your behalf to prove that the payment was valid. If the dispute is found in your favor, the disputed amount and fee is returned back to you. If a dispute is upheld, the cardholder’s payment remains refunded. The process of resolution typically takes 60-90 days.

You may be able to help by providing related documentation, such as:

  • Any communication with your payer referencing this payment and a possible dispute
  • Evidence of a refund policy and how it was communicated to your payer
  • Proof of shipping or other evidence that product or service was received for the payment in question.

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