What type of information do I need to provide to collect on Cheddar Up?

Cheddar Up's goal is to allow you to get up and running - and COLLECTING - as quickly as possible. That said, as you begin to collect funds on Cheddar Up, as the manager of the collection, we do need to collect a minimum amount of information from you.

If you are collecting a meaningful sum, you should expect that, at a minimum, we will need to collect your legal name, date of birth, and last four of SSN. This information is not stored by Cheddar Up. Instead, it is passed directly to our payment partner who uses this information to validate identity and prevent fraud. It's important to provide accurate information right from the beginning. If incorrect personal information is provided initially, we will need to request additional information in order to verify your identity. 

If you are collecting on behalf of an organization, the information described above is still required. But you will have the added opportunity to identify your account (and all collecting associated with your account) with your organization's name, address, and tax ID. 

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