How can I add variations to my items?

We have launched a brand new feature that will allow you to create items with multiple variations!

The best examples of this are when items come in different sizes (e.g., Small, Medium, Large, etc.) or colors (e.g., Blue, Green, Yellow, etc.). However, item variations might also include levels of registration, time slots, etc. 

For each variant that you create, you can also include a corresponding quantity availableprice (both listing price and retail price if applicable), and SKU. Have a limited number of larges available? Instead of listing that large sweatshirt as a separate item, now you can manage inventory for that one item variation within one single item. Does that XXL cost a bit more than the other sizes? With the ability to add a unique price to each variant, now this is simple. It also creates a really tidy buying experience that your community will appreciate. 

Curious how to get started with item variants? Check out this example below: 

To create a sweatshirt item in multiple sizes and colors, take the following steps: 

  1. Within the collection builder, on the Items step, click "Add Item" 
  2. Toggle on "Add Variations"
  3. Create the first option name and label it "Size" (this could be anything, but in this example, we're using size)
  4. Add option values such as Small, Medium, Large, etc.
  5. Create a second option name and label it "Color"
  6. Add option values such as Black/White, Grey/White, Blue/White, etc. 
  7. As you add these option names and option values, your item table will grow showing fields for
    1. Price (listing price and retail price if applicable)
    2. Quantity available
    3. Optional SKU
  8. Once your variants are all set, simply click "Save"
See a visual of these steps below:

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