How do I set my page's default display view?

People can view your collection page using two different display views - list view or gallery view. Just like all of Cheddar Up, "list" view is a very flexible and can be used for almost any type of collection page. By default, all collections are set to display in list view, unless the organizer changes this setting. "Gallery" view is a tile-like view that features item photos front and center. As you might imagine, this is a great view if you are selling something and if your items have accompanying photos. At anytime, people viewing your collection page can toggle between the two views at their leisure by clicking the icons in the upper right of a collection page (near the cart icon). You can see examples of each view below.

If you're interested in changing your default display view to Gallery, you can do this when you're creating or editing your collection. Within the Build > Items view, you'll see "Display Options" at the top of the view. Clicking this button reveals a toggle that allows you to change your collection page's default view (as well as some other options that affect how your collection page displays as well). See below for more detail.

See below for where you can adjust your collection's default display view from within the collection builder.

See below for how people visiting your collection play can easily toggle between the list view and gallery view. 

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