How do I preview forms on my collection page?

Need to collect information along with your payment? You're not alone...most group collectors do! When you are creating your collection, you can preview it at anytime by clicking on the teal "Preview" button in the upper right of the web builder. It's important to know that any forms or waivers that you add to your collection will be visible on a secondary view from items. Thus, when you preview your collection page, you'll want to pretend like you are a payer and take the following steps: 

  1. Click "Preview"
  2. Add an item to your cart
  3. Click the orange "Continue" or "Checkout" button in the cart fly-down menu
  4. Any forms and/or waivers added to your collection will now be visible

If you created a collection with no items and only forms, your preview will vary slightly from what we've outlined above. In this case, your forms will be visible on the first view of your collection page. 

To preview your forms, add items to your cart and then click "continue". 

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