Helping keep your account secure is a high priority at Cheddar Up. That's why we allow account owners to add a secondary email to their account to help ensure they don't miss key actions taken on their account that could affect account control. This article explains how and why you should use this feature.   

Understand the importance of adding a secondary email

Adding a secondary email helps account owners keep their Cheddar Up accounts safe. Secondary emails will not receive all of the same communications as the main account owner email. Instead, only messages related to important actions taken that could affect account control are sent to the secondary email, such as:

  • Logins on new devices
  • Withdrawal confirmations
  • Subscription payment lapses (if applicable)
  • Updates to phone, password, or email on account 
  • Updates to withdrawal methods 

The secondary email that you add could be that of another individual or a personal email address that you check regularly. This is an especially important feature to turn on if your main Cheddar Up account owner email is tied to a group email account that is not regularly monitored (e.g.,, etc.). 

Add a secondary email to your account

Take the following steps to add a secondary email to your account: 

  1. Go to My Account > Security.
  2. Enter a secondary email address, then re-enter the email address to confirm it. 
  3. Click "Save".

Once you've added and saved a secondary email address, both the account owner email address and secondary email address will receive an email confirmation confirming this action.