The fourth and final step in creating a collection is to review and select your collection settings. There are numerous optional features to consider.  This article gives an overview of each setting and its associated function. For additional information, be sure to check out our features.


  • Allow payment by eCheck: This enables the echeck payment method for payers. See additional information and fees here.
  • Allow cash or check payments: This enables the cash/check payment method at checkout. Using this feature allows payers to visit your collection, make selections and submit information electronically, but still send payment offline. There is no fee for recording cash or check payments on the Cheddar Up platform. This feature also lets you add instructions on where payers should send the offline payment, which payers see at checkout if selected. 
  • Customize credit card statement descriptor: Choose what your payers will see on their credit card statements. Our system will default to displaying the first 19 characters of your collection name. Editing this statement descriptor may create more clarity for your payers, and is also a great way to help avoid disputed payments.
  • Cover fees for your payers: If you would like to cover the transactional convenience fees for your payers(instead of passing them on to payers), toggle this setting on. If you do so, fees will be deducted from your total collected (and the amount available for you to withdraw). 
  • Give payers the option to cover fees: Toggling this on means you will cover fees for payers, but you will also show an option at checkout that allows payers to opt to cover fees.
  • Custom payer receipt: Every time someone pays on Cheddar Up, they receive a payment confirmation email with all information related to their payment. Learn more here
  • Require payment for at least one item: This will require your payers to add at least one item to their cart before proceeding to the next step of checkout. 
  • Taxes: If you need to collect sales tax or some other tax, our tax feature lets you add a tax to items that you deem appropriate. Taxes will then be added to the total at customer checkout. 

Shipping and discounts 

  • Shipping: This allows you to charge a flat shipping fee and collect payers' shipping address at checkout. See more about this feature here.
  • Discounts: This allows you to create codes that people can apply to your collection at checkout. Discounts can be a fixed-dollar amount off or percentage off the total. See more information here.

Timing and access

  • Timing: This allows you to add a start and end date and time to your collection. People who visit your collection prior to the start time, will see a countdown timer.  Once a collection has ended, a banner will display noting that the collection has closed.
  • Search: Choose whether or not you would like your collection to be indexed by Google, thus searchable on the web by the public. 
  • Entry Code: This allows you to put your collection behind an access code.  Visitors to your collection will be prompted to enter the code before gaining access to view your collection.
  • Visitor Report: This feature requires visitors to enter their name and email address prior to gaining access to the collection. This is great for building and growing a client list! See more information here


  • Managers: You can invite others to help manage your collection.  Managers have limited permissions and can establish their own login credentials. See more about managers here.
  • Contact for payer questions: This setting allows you to designate the contact email address in which visitors can use to send inquiries regarding your collection. The "Contact" link is found toward the bottom of your collection.

See the first of four panel of Collection Settings below: