Invite, remind and message payers

Cheddar Up has invitation and messaging features meant to make organizers lives easier. The platform has options that allow you to invite individuals to view you collection as well as other messaging features, including the ability to remind people to pay (either automatically or on a one-off basis).

Invite payers

Your collection link can be shared in multiple ways. While most organizers simply copy their collection link and share it via their own communication channels, organizers also have the option to invite people to pay on their collection directly from Cheddar Up.  Here's how to share your collection using the invite feature:

    1. From the Share step, click on "Invite" in the left-hand menu.
    2. Type a custom message you want included in the invitation. 
    3. Enter email addresses of those who should receive the invitation. 
    4. From the Share step, you'll find "Invite" in the left hand menu.  Enter your emails and a customized message and your group will receive an invitation. 


When using the Invite feature, we strongly recommend sending invitations in batches of 50 or less at a time (pasting in 50 email addresses). When entering multiple email addresses, separate them with a comma. 

See an example email invitation below: 

Remind people to pay

If you've used the Invite feature, you'll be able to send reminders about your collection to those invited.

You can send auto reminders on a set schedule (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) or instant reminders whenever you want. The reminder email is not customizable and includes a "Don't Forget" message with a link to your collection. Follow these steps to send reminders: 

    1. From Share > Invite, (after you've invited someone), click "Reminders" in the light blue left-hand bar.
    2. On the next view, either click "Send reminder" to send an instant reminder, or toggle on "Schedule reminders" and set your reminder frequency. 

See an example email reminder below: 

Send payers a message

Organizers can send personalized messages directly to payers through the "Message Payers" feature found on the Manage view. Upon clicking "Message Payers", you'll be given the option to send a message to all payers or specific payers that you select. Simply select who you want to send the message to, type your message, and click "Send". 

Common Questions

How do I know if an invitation was delivered?

After you invite people to your collection, an "Invited" link will appear in the left-hand navigation. If you click on this, below each individual who you invited, you'll see a status of your invite (whether it was sent, opened, etc.).

Why don't I see a reminder option?

You will only see "Reminders" as an option if you've used Cheddar Up's Invite feature. If, instead, you've only shared your collection URL, then Cheddar Up does not know the emails of the individuals who need to be reminded. If you want to use Cheddar Up's "Reminder" feature, consider sending invitations via Cheddar Up.

Who will receive email reminders?

When you send reminders using Cheddar Up's "Reminder" feature, by default, reminders will only go to individuals who have not paid.

If, however, you want reminders to go to individuals on a regular basis even if they've already paid (sending monthly reminders to renters is a great example of when an organizer might want to do this), you can do this by clicking the checkbox on the Reminders modal that says "send reminder even if payment was made in the past".