Purchase a card reader

Cheddar Up's powerful mobile card reader is available for purchase and works in tandem with both the Cheddar Up iOS and Android mobile apps for the purpose of accepting point-of-sale payments.

Bluetooth POS Card Reader

Cheddar Up's powerful card reader is perfect for roaming checkout setups and mobile devices and it:

  • Works with iOS and Android devices
  • Connects via Bluetooth
  • Accepts tap, swipe, and dip payments

The Cheddar Up card reader is a battery-powered Bluetooth reader for your mobile devices. It supports EMV chip and tap transactions, mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, and magnetic-stripe swipes. The reader connects to iOS or Android over Bluetooth. The card reader comes with a charging cable and lanyard, and is available for sale for $59.


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Common Questions

Do I need a Cheddar Up card reader to use point of sale?

No. While we think using the Cheddar Up card reader results in a superior point-of-sale checkout experience, you do have other options that don’t involve purchasing hardware. Those options include scanning a credit card using the “scan card” option on the mobile app (this only works for credit cards with embossed numbers) or entering the credit card number manually.

Can I use a non-Cheddar Up card reader?
No. Only a card reader purchased from Cheddar Up will work with the Cheddar Up mobile apps. If you have a card reader from another payment platform, it will not work with Cheddar Up.
Can I return my Cheddar Up card reader?
No. Unfortuantely, there are no refunds on Cheddar Up card readers.