Individual item prices can be edited within each item modal, but there is also an "Adjust Pricing" feature that allows you to change the price of numerous items in a single bulk action.

Adjust Pricing

To adjust item pricing, take the following steps:

    1. On Build > Items, click "Adjust Pricing".

    2. This will prompt a modal. On this modal, select to increase or decrease price from the drop-down menu. 
    3. Enter the percentage for the increase or decrease.
    4. If your items have both a retail price and sale price listed, you will have the option to decide which price this price adjustment should be applied.

      Important Note: Make this selection wisely, because it can greatly impact how your item pricing changes. For example, if you are a direct sales partner and you already have items added to your collection from a partner catalog that had them already set at a 50% discount off the retail price, but you really want to offer your items at 60% discount off the retail price, then you will want to select "retail price" and enter "60%").

    5. If your collection has categories, you will have the option to select specific categories in which this adjustment should be applied. If you do not select any specific categories, the price adjustment will be applied to all items on your collection. 

Pro Tip

If you accidentally make an incorrect price adjustment, or if you apply a change to the sale price instead of the retail price and end up with odd prices (i.e, $16.81, etc.), you can always backtrack by applying the opposite of the changes you just applied.

See it in action: