Create lists in your Address Book

Cheddar Up’s Address Book lets you create custom contact lists. You can add contacts from scratch, pull in contacts from past collections or any combination thereof.


About your Address Book

The Cheddar Up Address Book is your playground to add and organize your contacts just the way you’d like them. 

Let’s review a few logic principles related to your Address Book so you can make the most of it: 

  1. Upon arrival, your address book will have no contacts in it. Even if millions of people have paid you in the past, your Address Book will still be empty until you begin to populate it and/or create lists.

  2. You will always have an “All Contacts” view within your Address Book. Your “All Contacts” view is essentially a master list of all contacts in your Address Book; it will consist of any contacts you add to this particular master list plus any other contacts you might add to your own custom lists (also known as “My Lists”) within the Address Book.

  3. In addition to your “All Contacts” list, you can add an unlimited number of custom lists to your Address Book.

  4. You can edit contacts in any list by simply clicking on a name or email field, making a change, and then clicking outside of the field to save it.

  5. Edits made to a contact’s name or email within your Address Book will NOT be applied to that same payer’s name if it is listed on any of your collections’ Manage views. 

  6. Edits made to a contact’s name or email within your Address Book WILL be applied to that same contact if it is listed in other lists within your Address Book.

  7. If you delete a contact from your “All Contacts” list, that contact will be deleted from all lists within your Address Book; conversely, if you delete a contact from a custom list, that contact will NOT be deleted from your “All Contacts” list.

Create a custom Address Book list 

To create a custom Address Book list, take the following steps:

  1. Go to your Address Book (from your Collections Dashboard, click the envelope icon in the left navigation).
  2. Click the + icon next to “My Lists” in the left column. 
  3. In the “Create a new list” modal, give your new list a name of your choice.
  4. Click “Create List”.

This will create a new list under “My Lists” in the left column. To add contacts to this list, select this list and then click the orange “Add Contacts” button.

Add contacts to your Address Book
You can add contacts to your Address Book by selecting a list and clicking the orange “Add Contacts” button. This will reveal the following four ways to add contacts to a list:

  • Contact Lists: Depending on the activity within your account (whether you have any collections with payers, visitors or invitees) and whether or not you’ve created any custom lists within your Address Book, this may reveal two types of saved lists that you can select from, including: 
    • My Lists: These are lists that you have created within your own personal Cheddar Up Address Book. 
    • Collection Lists: These are saved contacts that are associated with other collections you have created. These could include people who have paid, visited or been invited to a specific collection.
  • Add Manually: This allows you to manually type the name and email address of a contact. This is a great method if you are adding a small number of people.

  • Copy and Paste: This allows you to copy and paste a list of contact emails (from a spreadsheet or other document) with either commas or line breaks between each one.

  • Upload a File: This allows you to upload a .csv file with name and email columns for easy importing. We provide a .csv template for a seamless upload. This is a great method if you are importing a large number of contacts. 

You can use one or all of the methods above to build and refine your lists as necessary. No matter which method you use to add contacts, be sure to click the teal “Add” button on the left of the modal. Doing this will add the contacts to the table on the right. Once contacts are added to the table on the right, you can edit any name or email by clicking into the field, making an in-line edit, and then clicking off of the field to save it. Once your contact list on the right is as you’d like it, click “Add Contacts”. 

Let’s say you wanted to populate your Address Book with everyone who has ever paid or visited any of your collections, you could use the “Contacts Lists” method described above and build a list of contacts by selecting each of your collections from the “Select a list” drop down until you’ve compiled all payers and visitors from all collections. 

Our Address Book’s features are robust and just waiting for you to put them to work to make messaging and inviting people to your collections even easier for years to come!