View message history and email delivery

Looking to see a history of messages you’ve sent in the past? Or want to make sure a message you sent was actually delivered? This is possible within our Message Center.

View message history

Here’s how you can find a history of messages you’ve sent in the past: 

  1. Go to the Message Center (you can get there via your Address Book or from any collection’s Manage or Share view).
  2. Click on “Message History” at the top of the Message Center. 
  3. By default, you will see a history of messages sent across your entire Cheddar Up account. To filter your view, use the “Choose a collection” drop-down menu to select the collection in which you’d like to view the message history. Only collections with messages, reminders or invitations sent will be listed in this drop down.  
  4. Click on a message listed in the left column in order to view the content of the message sent. 
  5. Click the teal “Delivery Report” button to view a detailed table summary of everyone the message was sent to along with the status of its delivery (sent, delivered, opened, clicked, dropped/failed). If a message was not delivered, you can click the “Resend” link in the far right column of the “Delivery Report” to try to resend the message.

Duplicate a message

If you would like to duplicate a message that you sent in the past, once you’ve found the message within Message History, you can click the gray “Duplicate” button. Clicking this button will take you to the “Send a Message” view with a copy of the email’s content ready to resend. Simply add your new recipient list and you’re all set.