Add discount codes to your collection

Organizers can spread cheer and loyalty by giving people discount codes to use at checkout. Discount codes can be created to provide payers with percentage or fixed dollar-amount discounts. Discount codes is a Pro feature.

 Key concepts of discount codes 

Discounts are simple to create and easy to use! Here are a few key concepts related to discounts:

  • Discount codes are created at the collection level (not the account level).
  • Organizers can create an unlimited number of discount codes.
  • Payers can use multiple discount codes at checkout (should they have access to multiple) unless the organizer chooses to only allow one discount code at checkout. Once an organizer creates more than one discount code on any single collection, they'll see the option to limit code use.  
  • Organizers can create discount codes with a percentage or fixed dollar-amount discount.
  • Organizers decide the logic of their discount codes. Options include:
    - Discount applied to the total order.
    - Discount applied to the total order with a minimum purchase.
    - Discount applied to the most expensive item (available for % discounts only).
    - Discount applied to "all items" or to "specific items only" (which you specify).

Create a discount code

Take these steps to create a discount code: 

  1. From Build > Settings, click “Shipping and Discounts”.
  2. Toggle on “Create discount codes”, then click “Add Code”.
  3. Enter your code of choice. This can be anything you want. We recommend something short and concise (e.g., VIPSAVE20, HOLIDAY15, etc.).
  4. Using the drop down, select whether you want to offer a fixed amount off or a percentage off.
  5. Enter the fixed dollar or percentage discount you want to offer.
  6. Decide whether you want to add any additional layers of logic to your code (i.e., require minimum purchase amount, apply to most expensive item, apply to all items or specific items, etc.).
  7. Click “Save Code”.
  8. Next, simply share your collection link along with your new discount code...and payers can begin to use it.

Use a discount code at checkout

Using discount codes at checkout is easy, and is similar to how people use discount codes on other ecommerce sites. On the checkout view, payers will see a field that says “Have a promo code?” (above the orange “Pay Now” button). Payers enter their discount code in this field, click “Apply”, and if the code is valid, they will then see their discount applied to their total. See the video below for more detail. 

See it in action: