Add sign ups to your collection

Sign Ups are a type of form and can be used to help with all your sign up needs - from snack schedules to volunteer rosters to teacher conferences. Sign ups can be added to any collection and can be collected alongside payment or used standalone (without collecting payments).

Two types of sign ups

Cheddar Up has two types of sign ups as detailed below:

  1. Sign Up List: The Sign Up List is for simple sign up needs such as volunteer sign up to bring food items, fulfill wish lists, or select committee positions. Select the Sign Up List for any sign-up needs that don’t involve individual time spots.
  2. Sign Up Schedule: The Sign Up Schedule is for sign up forms with specific dates and/or times such as volunteer shifts, teacher conferences, snack schedules and more. You can decide whether to orient your sign up by date or by spot.

Add a sign up to your collection

You can add sign ups to a collection that also has items and/or other forms, or you can use sign ups standalone (i.e., create a collection that is solely for sign ups). 

Take the following steps to add sign ups to your collection: 

  1. From Build > Forms, click the orange drop-down button and select "Sign Up".
  2. Select your sign up type - either Sign Up List or Sign Up Schedule.
  3. Give your sign up a name and an optional description and then begin adding spots to build out your sign up to meet your needs. 
  4. Consider clicking Settings to customize your sign up with a specific time zone, reminder timing, participation limits, custom comments and more. 
  5. Preview your sign up along the way, and when ready, click "Save Sign Up".

If you add sign ups to a collection with items, the sign up form will appear after the item cart view on your collection. If you create a collection with only sign ups, the sign up form will appear front and center on the first view of your collection (along with your collection title and description). Watch the video below to learn more.

See it in action:


Common Questions

Can I add a sign up form to a collection without any items?

Yes. If you only need to collect sign ups, just give your collection a name and skip to the Forms step where you can add a sign up form. Below is an example of what a collection might look like with just a sign up (and no items).

How can I preview a sign up form on my collection?
You have two ways to preview your sign up form. When you are creating your sign up, you will see a “Preview” option right within the sign up builder modal. This allows you to preview your sign up in real time. Each time you make changes to your sign up, you can flip over to preview it to see how your sign up is shaping up!

After you’ve saved your sign up, you can also click “Preview” in the upper right of the collection builder to preview your entire collection. This allows you to see how your sign up looks in addition to any other details you’ve added to your collection (items, other forms, etc.). When previewing your entire collection, if you have items, simply add an item to your cart and click the orange “Continue” button in the cart fly-down menu. On the next view, you’ll see your sign up. If you have no items on your collection, you’ll see your sign up immediately upon clicking “Preview”.