Customize your sign up settings

Our sign up features are robust! Part of that robustness is thanks to the many optional sign up settings that are available to you to customize your sign up form. Here, we’ll explain them.

Add settings to your sign up

There are seven optional settings that pertain to your sign up form, which include:

  1. Set your time zone: Select the default time zone for your sign up.
  2. Ask participants for comments: Allow participants to leave a comment when signing up (e.g. what they’re bringing, child name, etc.).
  3. Hide names and comments from public view: Your participants will always be required to enter their name and email when signing up, but you have the option to hide names and comments from the public (emails are never made public).
  4. Add participation limits: Set a maximum number of spots that an individual can sign up for. This is great if spots are limited and you want to give everyone a chance to sign up.
  5. Require participants to sign up for at least one spot: Turn this on if everyone who visits your collection is required to sign up (they will not be allowed to checkout or finish sign up until they sign up for at least one spot). 
  6. Allow participants to delete their spot: This will allow participants to delete a spot and make it available to others. The organizer will receive an automatic email notification when a participant deletes their spot. 
  7. Prevent participants from deleting spots based on the date: This allows the organizer to prevent deletions within a certain time period of the participant's spot date (e.g., within one day of the event, etc.).

Customize notifications on your sign up

In addition to the settings described above, there are additional optional settings that allow you to control notifications on your sign up form, which include: 

  1. Send participants a reminder: You can send auto reminder emails to participants in advance of your sign up date and/or their scheduled spot (you can decide the time frame in which to remind participants).
  2. Get notified by email when participants edit their sign up: Receive an email if a participant changes information on their spot’s comments field.

See it in action: