Create an item waitlist

If you’ve added a quantity limit to an item, you can also choose to create a waitlist for that item once (or if) it sells out. This is perfect for camps, classes, event tickets or any high-demand item. Waitlist is a Team feature.

Add a waitlist to an item

You can create waitlists for any Fixed or Ticket item type. If an item has a waitlist, once the item sells out, people can add their name and contact information to a list, allowing the organizer to contact them if more of the item becomes available.

Take the following steps to add a waitlist to any Fixed or Ticket item:

  1. Within Build > Items > Add Items, once you've added an item name and amount, click on the “Settings” tab.
  2. Toggle on “Set available quantity” and enter your total quantity available (if you're using a Ticket item type, you will have already entered the quantity available on the "Details" tab).
  3. Toggle on “Create a waitlist”.
  4. If desired, you can also enter custom text that will appear after someone adds themselves to your item waitlist (e.g., when they will know if they’re off the waitlist, who to contact with questions, etc.).
  5. Click "Save".

See it in action: