Send funds directly to a gift card

Collecting for a group gift using Cheddar Up? Save time while delighting your recipient! In just a few clicks, you can send your collected funds directly to your recipient with a gift link, which they can redeem at the Cheddar Up Gift Card Store and select from over 150 gift cards (including both retailers and a Mastercard® Prepaid Card).

Send funds to a gift card

Once you’ve collected funds, take the following steps to transfer funds to a gift card link and send it to a recipient:

    1. From your Collections Dashboard or your collection’s Manage view, click “Transfer Money”.
    2. From the "Transfer Money" modal, find your collection and click “Send a Gift Card”.
    3. Consider previewing the Cheddar Up Gift Card Store selections, and then click “Send a Gift Card”.
    4. Next, enter the specifics about the gift card, including: dollar amount to transfer, who it's from, recipient's name and email address, and a custom message to be included in the gift email.
    5. Once the fields are complete, you can click “Send me a test email” if you wish to see what your recipient will receive. Click “Review and Send" and you'll be presented with a summary of your gift card details. If all is accurate, click “Send Gift Card Link”.

Common Questions

Which gift cards are available?

There are over 150 gift card options in the Cheddar Up Gift Card Store! The store includes popular retailers as well as a Mastercard® Prepaid Card, as well as dozens of nonprofits should your recipient choose to make a donation with their gift. You can preview the cards available here.

Is the gift card sent immediately to the recipient?
Like all money transfers on Cheddar Up, some need to be reviewed by our Compliance team to protect against fraud and keep your account safe. There can be up to a 72-hour delay (but typically faster), between when you send your gift and when the email notifying your recipient is sent. Rest assured, you will receive an email notification once your gift email has been sent.
Can the recipient choose a prepaid or retail card?
Yes! One of the really cool things about the Cheddar Up Gift Card Store is that your recipient has so many options for redeeming their gift. They can choose from over 150 cards, including loads of retailers as well as a super flexible Mastercard® Prepaid Card. Or, they can choose both (see the next question)!
Can the recipient select multiple cards using their gift balance?
Yes! Let’s say your recipient was sent a gift of $150. They could break that amount up however they wish amongst a prepaid card and/or multiple retailer gift cards. Perhaps they want to put $50 on an Amazon card, another $50 on a Starbucks card, and $50 on a Mastercard® Prepaid Card. That and any other configuration is possible!
Can I transfer funds to a gift card and my bank?
Yes! As the organizer, you are in control of how much and where you transfer your funds. That means that from a single collection, you could send some funds to your bank account and some funds to a gift card (or send multiple gift cards to multiple recipients!).