Redeem your gift card

Receiving a gift card link from the Cheddar Up Gift Card Store is pretty exciting. Fortunately, it’s also flexible and simple to redeem! In this article, we explain how to redeem your gift as well as answers to common redemption questions.

Select and redeem your gift card(s)

Once you receive your gift card email, take the following steps to seamlessly redeem your gift from the Cheddar Up Gift Card Store (where you’ll be able to choose from over 150 gift cards from leading brands as well as a flexible Mastercard® Prepaid Card):

    1. Click the “Redeem Your Gift” button within your email and you’ll be taken to the Cheddar Up Gift Card Store.
    2. Select a gift card.
    3. Select the dollar value you’d like to add to the card.
    4. Click "Add to Cart."
    5. If you have a remaining balance and would like to select another card, repeat steps 2-4.
    6. Once you've selected all your gift cards, click "Checkout."
    7. Enter your name, email address, and check the box acknowledging the terms.
    8. Click "Complete My Order."

Your electronic gift card will then arrive in your inbox shortly thereafter. 

Common Questions

Can I use my gift card in a store?

Yes! While some retailers may have specific instructions for using your gift card in-store, the majority of retail gift cards can be used in-store by printing them out or displaying them on your smartphone to the cashier. Some cards may even be able to be loaded to your device’s digital wallet for easy, anytime access. We recommend verifying the retailer’s guidelines before visiting a physical store location to ensure a seamless transaction.

Why haven't I received my gift card email?
If you haven’t received your gift card in your inbox, be sure to check your spam/junk folder. If you use Gmail, also check your “Promotions” folder. Gift card emails are sent from, which we recommend searching for in your inbox. If you think there may have been a typo in your email address, please contact Cheddar Up Support.
Will my gift card expire?
The retail brand gift cards in our store have no expiration date. However, the Mastercard® Prepaid Card has a 6-month redemption window in which you can spend your card’s balance. If your gift card has an expiration date, it will be clearly provided with your card information.
Can I request a physical gift card instead?
Only electronic gift cards are available at this time. Rest assured, electronic gift cards have the same usability as physical cards. And the bonus is that you don't need to worry about leaving home without them!
Is my gift card returnable?
Once your gift card link is redeemed, your gift card cannot be returned or exchanged.
Why does my gift card code/pin not work?
For security reasons, electronic gift cards are usually sent with a code/pin. If you encounter an error when redeeming your card, this is typically the result of issues with copying and pasting the code. Be sure there are no extra spaces added when entering the code into the retailer's activation field.