Make categories a navigation menu

In addition to creating visual separation between items, categories can also be used to create a navigation menu on your collection. Navigational menus give your payers an easy way to filter items. This is ideal if your collection has many items. 

Create a navigation menu 

In order to create a navigation menu, you must first create categories. Once you’ve done that, take the following steps:

  1. Within Build > Items, on the item action bar (at the top of the items), click “Display Options”.
  2. Toggle on the option that says “Display a navigation menu".
  3. Once toggled on, you’ll see a check box for each category. Check the categories that you want included in the navigation menu.
  4. Click "Save".

See it in action:

Example of a navigation menu on a collection 

Once you configure your navigation menu, you can click "Preview" in the upper right to see it in action on your collection. See below for an example. 

When your payers make selections from the navigation menu, it filters the items on your collection and ONLY shows those items within the selected category. Payers can easily clear the filter and see all items again by clicking the X next to the selected category filter, or by clicking the drop-down menu and selecting "Shop All".



Create a second layer of filtering using item variations  

If your collection has lots of items and item variations, offering a second layer of filtering on your navigation menu may be a good option. If you’ve created items with variations (e.g., size, color, etc.) and have also created categories and have made them a navigation menu, your payers will automatically see a secondary “Filter” button in the upper left corner of your collection. This creates a great e-commerce experience for your payers, allowing them to easily drill down among your items. See an example of the second layer “Filter” option below.


Common Questions

Why do I not see the “Display a navigation menu” toggle?

This toggle only appears if you have created categories on your collection. If you don’t see it, create a category and then try again. You should then see it under "Display Options".