Add waivers to a collection

Waivers are similar to forms, only they’re meant to support multiple paragraphs of text and are accompanied by an esignature field on a collection. They’re perfect for moving waivers, policies and permission slips online that require a signature.

Add a waiver to your collection

Take the following steps to add a waiver to your collection:

  1. Within Build > Forms, click “Add Waiver”.
  2. Give your waiver a name.
  3. Add content for your waiver (i.e., policy text, permission slip text, etc.).
  4. Click “Save Waiver”.


All waivers automatically add four fields to your collection (directly below your waiver text), which include first name, last name, date and e-signature.

See it in action:

Common Questions

Is a signature required on a waiver?

Yes. When you add a waiver to a collection, it automatically adds a first name, last name, date and e-signature field to your collection - all of which are required.

Can I add a waiver to a collection with no items?
Yes. If you only need to collect information and/or signatures, just give your collection a name and skip to the Forms step where you can add forms and waivers. Below is an example of what a collection might look like with just a waiver (and no items).

What does the e-signature field look like on my collection?
Whether someone is paying on a laptop or a smart phone, they can easily sign and date a waiver on-the-go. They use their cursor or finger to sign. If they don’t like their signature, they can reset the signature and try again. See below for an example:


How can I preview a waiver on my collection?
Click the teal “Preview” button to preview your collection. If you have items on your collection, add an item to your cart, and click the orange “Continue” button in the cart fly-down menu. On the next view, you’ll see your waiver. If you have no items on your collection, you’ll see your waiver immediately upon clicking “Preview”.