Create item variations

Item variations allow organizers to create items with slight variations (e.g., size, color, material, etc), with the ability to give each item variation a unique price, quantity, photo and/or SKU, all within one item. Item variations is a Pro feature. 

Add variations to an item

Item variations can be enabled when creating an item, following these steps:

  1. Within Build > Items, click “Add Item”.
  2. On the “Add Item” window, toggle on “Add variations”.
  3. Create an “option name” (i.e., “Size”).
  4. Create “option values” (i.e., small, medium, large, etc.), hitting return between each entry.
  5. As you add option names and values, your item variations will populate a table with new required fields for the organizer to complete, including “price” and “quantity”. Complete these required fields, either manually, or by using the bulk-action checkbox and drop-down menu, directly above the table.
  6. Click “Save”.

See it in action:


Feature Alert

If organizers have both categories and items variations on a collection, they can enable special filter options that allow their payers to filter items by both category and item variant (e.g., quickly see available “t-shirts” in size “small”, etc.). Learn more here.

Common Questions

What if my item variation doesn’t have a limited quantity?

Currently, the quantity field is required for all item variations. If yours does not have a limited quantity, we recommend entering a very high number (such as 1,000) so you can use this feature without having to worry about your payers running into any limits.

Can my item variations be free (have a price of $0)?
Yes. If you are using item variations to collect for something with no fee (such as volunteer sign-ups, etc.), this is a great way to do so. Simply enter “0” in the price field if your item variations have no cost.
Can I make item variation quantities visible to my payers?
Currently, you are not able to display the available quantity of individual item variations, unless of course, an item variation has a quantity of zero. When an item variation has a quantity of zero, the platform displays “sold out” for that variation. Making the quantity available for unique item variations visible to your payers is a planned future feature.
Can I add item variations on the Basic plan?
No. Item variations is available to all organizers on Cheddar Up’s Pro plan.