Cancel a recurring payment

This article outlines the number of actions that can affect and potentially cancel an active recurring payment.  

Ways an organizer can cancel a recurring payment

An organizer can and will cancel a recurring payment item (or an individual payer's recurring payment plan) and any future associated payments if they take any of the following actions:

  • Selects an individual payer's recurring payment from the Manage view, clicks "View terms" and then clicks "Cancel future payments". 
  • Deletes a collection with active recurring payments.
  • Deletes an item with active recurring payments.
  • Downgrades from the Team plan.

If a payer wishes to cancel a recurring payment, they can also do this. Go here for step-by-step instructions on how a payer can cancel a recurring payment.  

Common Questions

If I close a collection will recurring payments stay active?

Yes. If you close a collection, future recurring payments will remain active as scheduled.

Can I edit a recurring payment item?
It is not possible to edit a recurring payment item. Instead, the best course of action in this case, is to delete an existing recurring item (note that deleting a recurring item will also cancel any future recurring payments that someone may have signed up for) and create a new recurring item.