Add managers to your account

If you're looking to share some Cheddar Up responsibilities with others, then our Manager feature is for you. A manager is someone an organizer can invite to their Cheddar Up account to help manage (and, in some cases, create) collections. Managers is a Team feature.

Key concepts of managers

Before adding managers to a Cheddar Up account, it’s important to understand the key concepts around them:

  • When a manager is added to a Cheddar Up account, they receive an email invitation prompting them to either log in (if they already have an account) or to create their own Cheddar Up account.
  • Upon activating a manager invitation, managers have their own unique login credentials to access collection information on the organizer account.
  • Organizers can assign a specific role to each manager depending upon how much they need access to and what they need to help manage.
  • Roles include Viewer, Editor and Administrator. Learn more
  • Managers can never view bank account information on an organizer’s account, and only Account Owners and Administrators can withdraw funds.

Add a manager

Take the following steps to add a manager to your account:

  1. From your Collections Dashboard, go to Managers (accessible on the left navigation). 
  2. Click the "Add Manager" button, and enter the first name, last name and email address for the manager.
  3. Select a role for the manager. Learn more about the different roles
  4. Click “Next”, which takes you to the “Collection Access” step, where you will decide whether to give the manager access to all collections or specific collections. 
  5. Click “Send Invite”.
  6. Cheddar Up will immediately send an email to your manager inviting them to join your account.


You can also see some manager information when building and editing a specific collection. If you click on “Managers” within Build > Settings, you can see which managers are on that specific collection. But the ability to add managers and control manager permissions must be done from within the main Managers section.

See it in action: 

Remove a manager

You can remove a manager at any time. To do so, go to Collections Dashboard > Managers. Hover over the manager you wish to delete, click the three-dot icon that appears to the right of the manager, and click “Delete”.

Common Questions

How many managers can I add?

Once on the Team plan, you can add an unlimited number of managers.

Can managers withdraw money or see my bank account?
The only manager role that can withdraw funds is the "Administrator" role. Learn more about manager roles here. No managers (not even Administrators) have access to the My Account view of the organizer, thus preventing all managers from ever seeing any bank account information.
Can managers receive payment confirmation emails?
Yes. If a manager wants to receive payment confirmation emails, they can enable this themselves by toggling to their Personal Account and then going to My Account > Notifications and checking the box to receive payment notifications for their manager account. 
How do I remind a manager to accept their invitation?
If you’ve invited a manager to your account, but they’ve not yet accepted the invitation, we recommend resending their invitation email. You can do this from either Collections Dashboard > Managers, or from Build > Settings > Managers