Assign manager permissions

Once you create a manager, you can assign them permissions to control what they can do and see on your Cheddar Up account.

Permission options

You can control and assign the following manager permissions:

  • What collections managers can see, edit and manage. Options include:
    - Only collections the owner specifies 
    - Only collections the manager creates
    - All collections
  • Managers' ability to create new collections.
  • Whether managers receive email notifications.


Managers can never withdraw money or see bank information on an organizer (owner) account. Learn more here about the key concepts of managers.

Update manager permissions 

When customizing manager permissions you should be aware of the following:

  1. You can update manager permissions from within Collections Dashboard > Managers.
  2. By default, after creating a new manager, they will have access to “All collections”, have the ability to create new collections, and receive email notifications for all collections. You can change which collections managers can access by using the “permissions” drop-down menu to select either “specific collections” or “only collections created by manager”.
  3. Depending upon your permissions selection, you will see additional options. For example, if you select “specific collections”, you will be presented with an “Add Collections” drop-down menu that lists all of your collections. Using the "Add Collections" menu, you can select which collections the manager should be able to see and manage.
  4. Decide whether to enable email notifications using the “notifications” check boxes, which control whether your manager receives payment confirmation emails.

Control who receives collection inquiries

On each collection, payers have an option to “Contact the organizer” with any questions. The manager feature gives organizers the option to have collection inquiries go to someone other than themselves. This can save you from needing to forward emails and prevent you from missing emails that might land in a general inbox that may be monitored infrequently.

To customize who receives email inquiries related to specific collections, do the following:

  1. Go to Build > Settings > Managers
  2. Use the “Main Contact” drop-down menu and select the manager who should receive the inquiries.

See it in action: