Create recurring payment items

Recurring items let organizers collect payments toward something over a period of time based on a set schedule or frequency. Recurring items are often used for things such as membership dues, rent, installment fees, donations, etc. Recurring payments is a Team feature.

Recurring payment settings

Organizers can configure the following settings when creating a recurring item:

Amount charged
each payment period:
This can be an exact amount decided by the organizer or left as an open amount for the payer to decide.
Payment frequency:
This powers the schedule in which recurring payments occur. It can be set in weeks or months.
Date of first payment:
This can be the first day of payment or a specific future day of the month.
Date payments end:
This can be “never” or after X number of payments.

Organizers can set these options when creating a recurring item. 

Create a recurring item

To create a recurring item, organizers should do the following:

  1. From Build > Items, click “Recurring Plan”.
  2. Give the item a name.
  3. Configure the recurring item based on the settings noted above.
  4. Click “Save Item”.

See it in action: 

Common Questions

What happens if a recurring payment fails?

If a recurring payment fails, you can fix the issue and try it again. Go here to learn more about retrying a failed recurring payment method.

Is checkout different when paying for a recurring item?
Payers checking out with a recurring item in their cart will not have the option to pay as a guest. Instead, when checking out, they will need to enter a password of their choosing (along with their name and email address) in order to create a Cheddar Up account. This allows payers to manage their recurring payments on the Cheddar Up platform at a later date if necessary.
Can someone pay for a recurring item with cash/check?
No. During checkout, when paying for a recurring item, an online payment method (credit card or echeck) must be selected. 
Can taxes and discount codes be used on recurring items?
Yes, but with some limitations. Discount codes and taxes will only apply to recurring payment items set to occur immediately. They will NOT apply to recurring payments scheduled to begin on a scheduled or future day. In addition, discount codes and taxes will only apply to the first recurring payment.  
Can a recurring item be edited?
If a recurring item has not yet received any payments, it can be edited by the organizer. If a recurring item has already received payments, it is considered "active" and can no longer be edited. In this case, we recommend that the organizer clone their recurring item and make the necessary edits to it. Then, if applicable, the organizer could then "hide" the outdated recurring item.