Create recurring payment items

Recurring items let organizers collect payments toward something over a period of time based on a set schedule or frequency. Recurring items are often used for things such as membership dues, rent, installment fees, donations, etc. Recurring payments is a Team feature.

Recurring payment settings

Organizers can configure the following settings when creating a recurring item:

Amount charged
each payment period:
This can be an exact amount decided by the organizer or left as an open amount for the payer to decide.
Payment frequency:
This powers the schedule in which recurring payments occur. It can be set in weeks or months.
Date of first payment:
This can be the first day of payment or a specific future day of the month.
Date payments end:
This can be “never” or after X number of payments.

Organizers can set these options when creating a recurring item. 

Create a recurring item

To create a recurring item, organizers should do the following:

  1. From Build > Items, click “Add Item”.
  2. Give the item a name, and select “Recurring Amount”.
  3. Configure the recurring item based on the settings noted above.
  4. Click “Save Item”.

See it in action: 

Common Questions

What happens if a recurring payment fails?

If a recurring payment fails, you can fix the issue and try it again. Go here to learn more about retrying a failed recurring payment method.

Is checkout different when paying for a recurring item?
Payers checking out with a recurring item in their cart will not have the option to pay as a guest. Instead, when checking out, they will need to enter a password of their choosing (along with their name and email address) in order to create a Cheddar Up account. This allows payers to manage their recurring payments on the Cheddar Up platform at a later date if necessary.
Can someone pay for a recurring item with cash/check?
No. During checkout, when paying for a recurring item, an online payment method (credit card or echeck) must be selected.
Can discount codes be used on recurring items?
No. Discount codes cannot be applied at checkout when a payer is checking out with a recurring item in their cart.