Access account-wide data and insights

Looking for account-wide insights? Perhaps you want to understand who your top payers are, or maybe you want to look at how much you collected across all of your collections within a certain time period. All of that and much, much more can be done within our account-wide report center.

See key insights on your reporting dashboard 

To access robust reporting for key account-wide data points, access our report center. This is accessible from the vertical teal bar located on your Collections Dashboard. Just hover over the teal bar, and you’ll see Reports

If you are on the Team plan, you will be able to look at data points across your entire account. This means you can look at data across all collections or select collections that you choose. If you are on the Pro or Basic plan, you’ll still have access to the report center (a huge bonus!), but you’ll only be able to look at data that applies to one specific collection at a time.

Upon arriving at the report center, you’ll first see your reporting Overview dashboard, which allows you to look at key data points across different time periods. Key account-wide data points include: 

  • Total collected (by method type)
  • Total payments (by status)
  • Total and top payers (by amount and # of items purchased)
  • Top collections (by amount and # of payments)
  • Top items (by amount and total # sold)
  • Withdrawals (by status) 

When looking at these data points, you can choose from default time periods, such as year to date or month to date, or you can select a custom time period. 

Those on the Team plan will also have the ability to download an account-wide Excel report from anywhere within the report center. This report is pre-formatted and contains overview information as well as detailed payment information for every collection in your account.

Access a reconciliation report for any timeframe

If you’re looking for a report that shows all the ins and outs of funds across your entire account, based on any timeframe, then you should download our Reconciliation Report. 

This report is available on the Team plan and can be found in the Report Center. From the Report Center, simply specify your desired timeframe and click “Download Report” and your Reconciliation Report will be emailed to you in a matter of minutes.

The Reconciliation Report includes both a starting and ending balance as well as all activities within your selected timeframe, including payments received (with notations about which collections they were on) as well as any associated fees, refunds and withdrawals. See an example report below: 


See it in action: 

Common Questions

Why do I not see my latest payments in the report center?

It can take up to 24 hours for new activity (payments, visitors, withdrawals, etc.) to be reflected in the report center (this applies to the dashboard as well as the table views). 

How do I see reporting across multiple collections?
To see reporting (whether it's on the Overview dashboard or on table views) across all or multiple collections (which is extremely powerful!), you'll need to be on the Team plan