Run and save custom reports

Our report center is not only a place to look at key account-wide insights; it also allows you to create and save reports across data points, collections and timeframes of your choosing so you can refer back to them and monitor change and progress. 

Run and download custom reports 

In addition to the report center's Overview dashboard, it also has data table views that allow you to look at key data points aggregated across your account - including Payments, Payers, Withdrawals, and Visitors. 

When looking at data on these views, you can customize the view by: 

  • Selecting which collections you want to include    
  • Customizing the time frame
  • Filtering data based on any column attribute 

Once you customize the data table as you wish, you have the option to download the output into a spreadsheet for further analysis and/or manipulation.

Save and refer back to reports 

Another feature available to Team users is the ability to save and refer back to custom reports. Once you have a data table filtered and customized how you want it, click “Save Report”. The saved report will then populate in a tile on the right side of your screen where all “Saved Reports” are stored. 

Once saved, you can take the following actions on a saved report: 

  • View the report 
  • Edit the report name 
  • Delete the report 

It’s not possible to edit a saved report (i.e., change any filters). Instead, in this case, we recommend that you create a new saved report with any necessary modifications. 

When you refer back to a saved report, the saved filters will remain intact, but the data will update dynamically as applicable. For example, if you’ve created a saved report that looks at payments across three collections, when you pull up that saved report next, if any new payments were made between present day and the day you saved the report, those payments will be reflected on (or added to) your saved report. 

See it in action: