Review comprehensive payer activity

The report center is extremely valuable for organizers who want to look at payer activity across multiple collections. Maybe you want to understand "Who in your community has given the most?" or "What did Jane Dough give to the annual campaign over the past three years?" These are great examples of questions that can be answered within the report center. 

Review payer data vs. payment data 

It's worth calling out that the report center is the only place on the Cheddar Up platform where organizers can slice data by “payers” (versus “payments”). A “payment” refers to a single action on the platform on a specific date. While a “payer” may have multiple associated payments when looking at the history of a collection and/or the history of an entire Cheddar Up account.

For many organizers, this makes the Payer table within the report center a very powerful view, especially for users on the Team plan. This is particularly helpful if an organizer wants to see how much (and for what) an individual has paid over a period of time. 

To see information about payers: 

  1. Click on the Payers view
  2. Select whether you want to view payers across all collections or specific collections
  3. Apply filters as desired

If you want to view specifics about an individual payer, click on the payer row to see details related to that payer’s total payments, payment methods and collections in which they paid.