To keep our users safe and mitigate online fraud, it’s important for us to validate our users’ identities. We do this using a tool called Persona. This is a one-time process and Cheddar Up uses the information submitted solely for identity verification.  

Steps for verifying your identity

Before submitting a withdrawal request, you'll need to verify your identity. This process involves providing documentation and taking a selfie. Here are some tips to help ensure a smooth verification process.

When validating your identity, you simply need to follow the on-screen prompts, which will walk you through the following steps:

  1. Select your country
  2. Select an ID type (driver license, state ID, etc.)
  3. Upload (or take) a photo of your ID (front and back)
  4. Take a selfie (looking forward and side to side)

While taking the steps above, if you prefer to do the verification on another device, you’ll be given the option to do so (i.e., if it’s easier to take a photo using your mobile phone versus your computer, etc.). 

While the verification process is pretty straightforward, occasionally, a device or reflection will not cooperate. For times like these, please see our troubleshooting tips below.

Tips when uploading your ID

  • Read the instructions carefully
    First and foremost, it's important to read the instructions carefully. Failure to follow the instructions correctly can result in delays or even rejection of your withdrawal request.

  • Ensure your documents are up to date
    Make sure the document you provide is current and valid. Expired IDs, passports, or other documents won't be accepted, so double-check the expiration date before submitting them. If you need to renew your documents, do so in advance of the verification process to avoid any delays.

  • Use good lighting and a clear background
    When taking or uploading a photo of your ID, make sure:
    • You’re in a well-lit area.
    • Your fingers are not obstructing any portion of your ID.
    • There are no window or light reflections visible on your ID (this can make it illegible). If you’re taking a photo on a laptop, sometimes tilting the screen somewhat forward to block light reflections can be helpful.
    • Your camera or webcam is clean so you can get the clearest photo possible.
    • If you’re having trouble taking a live photo of your ID, especially on a laptop or desktop, we strongly recommend that you take a photo of your ID (front and back) on a flat surface with your mobile device laying it on a simple, contrasting background, and then upload the photos.

Tips when taking a selfie

  • Choose a plain background
    When taking a selfie, choose a plain background to avoid any distractions.

  • Remove any obstructions
    Remove any hats, glasses, or other accessories that may obstruct your face. Your face should be clearly visible in the photo.

  • Position face correctly
    Make sure your face is aligned within the outline shown on the selfie prompt. It’s important to not be too close or too far away when taking your selfie. As a general guideline, for most people, the selfie should only need to include your head and shoulders.

  • Capture all three selfie angles
    During the verification process, you will be instructed to turn your head to the left, center, and right to capture three different angles of your face. Be sure to follow these instructions carefully. Persona will give you validation once each angle has been properly captured.

  • Use good lighting
    Take the selfie in good lighting and hold the camera steady to avoid blurriness or distortion.

Troubleshooting related to photos and selfies

  • If you're not able to access your camera
    If you're having trouble accessing your device's camera to photograph your ID or take a selfie, ensure you've enabled camera permissions on your device and/or browser. If you've blocked permissions to your camera, refer to your browser's documentation to allow it to use your webcam (see instructions in one of the "Common Questions" below for more information). 

  • If you're having issues uploading an image file
    If you're having trouble uploading an image file, select "Other Options" and choose "upload images" (if you're not prompted to do so). Make sure your uploaded image is clear, in full color, and has all edges of the ID visible. The image must be in .png or .jpg format.

  • If your barcode isn't being captured clearly
    Barcodes are very detailed, so high-quality images are required to decode the barcode from your ID. Image resolution, image focus, lighting, and noise can all impact barcode scans.

    To increase the quality of your photos, try the following steps:

    • If you are using a desktop computer, switch to a mobile device. Mobile phones have higher quality cameras than desktop computers.
    • Adjust your lighting. Position the barcode so that it is not backlit. Reduce any glare.
    • Hold the camera or ID as still as possible.

  • If you are unable to capture your screenshot
    If you see a "Failed to capture screenshot and/or the Play icon" error when you take a photo or selfie, check that your device has Low Power Mode turned off and is sufficiently charged. Your device limits video function to save battery power. This is why you see the failed to capture message when trying to submit your government ID or selfie.

  • If you're having trouble scanning your password with NFC
    Most US passports today have NFC technology. If you're having trouble scanning your passport with your NFC-enabled device, try the following troubleshooting steps:
    • Remove any covers or cases from your passport and mobile device.
    • Try scanning the other side of the passport. Your passport has an RFID chip embedded in one of the covers.
    • Make sure the mobile device touches the passport, with no gap between the two items. Hold your phone against your passport until the scan is complete.

Troubleshooting related to your identity verification request

  • If your verification link has expired
    For security reasons, identity verification requests can expire. If this happens to you, reach out to and ask to receive a new verification request. 

  • If you see a "Session Expired" error
    If you started your verification flow, and then left the flow (for example, by closing your browser window) before you completed it, your session will expire for security reasons. Please reach out to and ask to receive a new verification request. 

  • If you're having trouble completing your verification on your computer
    If you're running into issues with your verification on your desktop, we strongly recommend that you consider continuing your verification on another device (i.e., a mobile device with a high-quality camera). Within the verification flow, you will see the option to witch to another device. You can do this either by sending yourself a text message or email, which will contain a link allowing you to continue to the  verification where you left off. 

By following these tips above, you should be able to complete the ID verification process without any issues. But if you encounter any problems, don't hesitate to reach out to the support team for assistance.

Common Questions

What do I do if my identity verification keeps failing?

If your identity verification continues to fail, it’s possible that you could exceed our maximum number of attempts. If this happens to you, please contact Cheddar Up Support.

What do I do if it says my verification has expired?
While this is rare, if this happens to you, please contact Cheddar Up Support and they will reset your verification. 
How do I enable camera permissions on my browser?
  • If you're using Chrome, follow the steps in the relevant link below:

  • If you're on Safari, follow the relevant steps below:

    • For Desktop
    • For mobile devices below iOS 13:
      • Go to Settings on your device.
      • Scroll down and select Safari.
      • Scroll down and select Camera. Set the permission setting to "Ask" or "Allow".
    • For mobile devices on iOS 13:

      • Tap the "AA" icon in the URL bar in the top left.

      • Then tap "Website Settings." Here, set camera permissions to "Allow" or "Ask".

  • If you're using an iOS or Android app:

    • Go to Settings on your device.
    • Go to Apps.
    • Find the app that you wish to enable camera permissions for.
    • Find the App Settings and allow camera permissions.