Information needed from collectors

When you collect using Cheddar Up, there’s a minimal amount of information needed to validate identity and prevent fraud. Here we discuss what’s needed and why, as well as tips for completing your profile.



Minimum required information

The minimum information required to collect money on Cheddar Up includes:

  • Legal first and last name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Last four of SSN
  • Mobile phone
  • Identity verification (ID upload and real-time photo)
  • Tax ID (only required if you select "organization" account type)

The purpose of this information is to verify the identity of the individual collecting on the platform (and/or managing the Cheddar Up account). It is required due to federal regulation (the US Patriot Act) and to prevent online fraud.


It’s important to enter valid personal information when fields are requested. If inaccurate information is provided, it will be rejected by the payment processor and more identity information will be required.

Why we might need more information

In some cases, such as when large sums are collected or when the payment processor cannot validate the minimum information provided, we may need to collect more information, which can sometimes include providing your full SSN.

Complete your profile

All information noted above is requested during our "Finish Setup" process. If any fields were skipped during your account setup, these field will be highlighted in orange within My Account, noting they are still required. If at any time you see an orange alert in the upper-right corner of the platform, this signifies that required information is still needed. 


While we give you a brief grace period in which to complete this information (and even allow you to create a collection and start collecting small sums), we recommend completing all requested fields as soon as possible.

Once within My Account > Account Details, the required fields will be outlined in orange. Enter the required information and click "Save". Be sure to also navigate to the "Security" view within My Account, which will prompt you to enter and confirm your phone number for two-factor authentication if this has not yet been done. 


Select an account type (individual or organization)

During sign up, you will be prompted to choose whether you prefer an "Individual" account or an "Organization" account. We recommend an individual account if you are collecting for something that is not associated with an organization or if you’re collecting small sums. 

If you are collecting on behalf of an organization that has an associated tax ID, and/or if you plan to collect large sums, we strongly recommend that you select an "Organization” account during sign up. If you select an organization account , you will need to provide two additional pieces of information including: 

  • Business Tax ID
  • Business address

If for some reason you need to change your account type after signing up, you can do this within My Account > Account Details. If your account is already verified, simply contact Cheddar Up Support to make this change. 


Common Questions

What happens if I don’t complete my profile information?

If you do not complete the required profile information, it’s possible that paying on your collection page may be disabled. We send you an email to warn you about this potential outcome, but as a best practice, we recommend completing all profile information prior to sharing your collection with a large group of people.

Can I collect money before completing my profile?
Yes. We want organizers to be able to experiment with the platform and get up and running on the platform as quickly as possible. As a result, you can begin to create collections - and even collect small sums of money - prior to completing your profile.
What happens if I enter incorrect information?
If you enter incorrect information (i.e., incorrect date of birth, or a date of birth that does not align with the name, etc.), the processor will interpret this information as invalid and will begin a process to collect more information. Instead of giving you the opportunity to re-enter the last four of your SSN, it will request your full SSN. To avoid the need to provide more detailed information, we encourage organizers to enter correct information carefully the first time.
Can I change from individual to organization after my account is verified?
Yes. But in order to do so, please first contact Cheddar Up Support. In order to make this change after your account is verified, Cheddar Up Support will need to assist you.