Two-factor authentication is an additional layer of security used to verify account control when taking certain important actions on the platform. This is a process in which security codes are sent to the mobile number on file to verify account control.  

Enable two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication must be enabled when collecting on Cheddar Up. Take the following steps to enable two-factor authentication: 

  1. Go to My Account > Profile
  2. Toward the bottom of the page, enter your mobile phone number and click "Confirm". 
  3. You will receive a code on the mobile device that you entered. Once received, enter the code in the pop-up window when prompted, and click "Continue". 
  4. Next you'll see a window sharing your back-up security code. Be sure to save this code somewhere securely, in case you need it to reset your two-factor authentication in the future. 

When two-factor authentication will be required

Once two-factor authentication is enabled, upon taking certain actions on your account, the platform will ask for a code that's sent to your mobile device.  

Actions that require two-factor authentication include:

  • Change of password
  • Change of email address
  • Adding a bank account for withdrawal
  • Transfer of account ownership


Upon enabling two-factor authentication on your account, we will share with you a back-up security code. It's very important to securely save this code. This code will be needed if you ever need to reset your two-factor authentication in the rare instance that you no longer have access to your mobile phone.

Common Questions

How do I reset my two-factor authentication number?

If you have a new number for your mobile device, you can reset the two-factor authentication number on your Cheddar Up account by entering your password in addition to confirming the code sent to the existing number on file. Alternatively, you can use the one-time back-up security code that was provided to you when you first added your mobile number.

Can I use a land line for two-factor authentication?
Yes. You can choose to receive the two-factor authentication code either by text message or phone call.  If you need to use a land line phone for your two-factor authentication, select the "Phone Call" option and you will receive the code via an automated call to that phone number.
What if I don't receive the code?
If for some reason, you do not receive the code on your mobile device, you can request for it to be sent again. If you continue to run into issues, please contact Cheddar Up Support.
What if I can't access the number used for two-factor authentication?
It’s rare when organizers don’t have access to their mobile device, but we know it can happen. When you set your mobile phone number for two-factor authentication, we give you a back-up security code, and we explicitly explain it’s importance. We suggest you save this code for possible future use as it cannot be sent again. If you do not have access to your mobile device used for two-factor authentication, you will need your back-up security code to reset two-factor authentication.