Create a ticket

Tickets are an item type that come with a suite of robust functionality. When you sell a ticket, the purchaser (and any associated attendees) are sent QR code tickets accessible via email. The group organizer can then scan those tickets using the Cheddar Up mobile app for fast, easy check-ins. This is the feature set you’ve been looking for to help streamline your events, concessions…you name it. Ticketing is a Team feature.

Add a ticket to your collection

Tickets are different from normal items for a few different reasons: 

  • Tickets give you the ability to add event-specific information to your ticket including an optional date, time and location. 
  • Tickets automatically have three question fields associated with each ticket including first name, last name, and email address. 
  • Purchased tickets are accompanied by QR code tickets that can be scanned by the group organizer (or other volunteer) using the Cheddar Up mobile app. 

Take the following steps to add a ticket to your collection: 

  • From Build > Items, click the orange drop-down button and select “Ticket”.
  • Give your ticket a name, price, and quantity available (this can be set to a specific quantity or set to be unlimited). 
  • Consider giving your ticket an optional description and/or image.
  • Consider giving your ticket an optional date, time and location. 
  • Consider adding optional settings to your ticket including: making the quantity available public, setting a per-person quantity limit, and making the purchase of a ticket required for checkout.
  • Review the default questions added to your ticket, with the option to add additional questions.

Preview your ticket

As always, whenever you are creating a collection, you can preview it along the way. When previewing a ticket on your collection, you will notice two unique things related to how tickets behave compared to normal items, including:

  • When a payer adjusts the quantity of tickets they wish to purchase during checkout, the question fields are replicated so that each ticket has a unique set of fields. This allows the purchaser to designate each individual attendee (first name, last name, and email address) and send them their tickets if they wish. 
  • If the payer doesn’t want to designate each attendee at the time of checkout, they can use the “copy previous” link to easily complete the required fields for each ticket.