View and manage your ticket sales

Organizers can access robust reporting of their ticket orders as well as take specific actions on purchased tickets, such as changing ticket status, resending tickets, and adding attendee notes. We’ll show you how in this article.

View ticket orders on your collection

You can view ticket order information online (as well as offline by downloading a spreadsheet or pdf reports), by taking the following steps:

    • From the Manage view, click on the “Items” tab. Here you’ll see a table with your items and tickets showing the quantity sold and amount collected.
    • Click the ticket name to see a table detailing your attendees, the purchaser, their ticket numbers, and the status of their tickets. To the right of each ticket line item, you’ll see a three-dot icon that allows you to take specific actions on a ticket (covered below).
    • If you requested additional questions on each ticket order (in addition to name and email), you’ll see a “Responses” toggle at the top of the table. Clicking it will reveal the ability to filter question responses by either “attendee” or “question”.
    • Once these selections are made, you'll see data generated that shows all corresponding information.

Change the status of a ticket 

A ticket can have the following three statuses: 

      • Active: This means a ticket is available for use and can be redeemed in the future. Once someone purchases a ticket, it is immediately “Active”. 
      • Redeemed: This means a ticket has already been used (or “redeemed”) and cannot be used in the future. If a ticket has erroneously been redeemed, the organizer has the ability to reactivate the ticket. 
      • Revoked: This means a ticket has been voided and cannot be used in the future. Once you revoke a ticket, this cannot be undone. Common reasons to revoke a ticket might be if an event has been cancelled and/or if a ticket has been refunded. Please note that if you revoke a ticket, it will not automatically be refunded. If you want to refund a ticket, you must take that action separately. 

If you are on the web platform, you can change the status of any purchased ticket via a drop-down action menu accessible from two different locations: 

      • From the Order Summary of a specific payment (accessible from Manage > Payments > Order Summary
      • From the Ticket Report (accessible from Manage > Items > Ticket Report). 

If you are on the mobile app, you can change the status of any purchased ticket by taking the following steps: 

  • Click on the collection that has the ticket you wish to change. 
  • If you are logged into the app as the account owner, on the collection’s Manage view, click “Tickets” (if you are logged in using an Event Code, click “Attendee List”).
  • From there, you can either swipe left on any ticket, which will reveal options to “Redeem” (if the ticket has not yet been redeemed) and “Revoke” (if the ticket has not yet been revoked). If you tap the ticket, you will also be able to take these same actions on the “Ticket Details” view.

Take other actions on a ticket

There are a number of other actions you can take on a ticket, which are accessible on the web platform in the same locations noted above, as well as on the mobile app, from Manage > Tickets > Ticket Details (if you are logged in using an Event Code, it's accessible on the mobile app from Attendee List > Ticket Details). These actions include: 

        • Edit Attendee: This action allows you to update an attendee’s information (name, email, or other question responses).
        • Resend Ticket: This action allows you to resend a ticket to either the existing attendee email on file or to an updated email.
        • Add Note: This action allows you to leave a note related to a ticket or attendee. This note will be visible to the organizer on the Item Detail Table and the Ticket Report on the web platform and on the Ticket or Attendee list on the mobile app. The note will also be visible to the ticket scanner when the ticket is redeemed using the mobile app.