Scan QR code tickets

When you add tickets to your collection, anyone who purchases them will receive QR code tickets. You, as the group organizer, can then scan those QR code tickets using our mobile apps for seamless check in. 

Scan tickets using our mobile apps

There are two ways to accept tickets using our iOS or Android mobile apps:

  • Scanning the QR code ticket
  • Entering the ticket number manually

As an account owner, you can take the following steps to scan tickets: 

  • Log into the Cheddar Up mobile app.
  • Select the collection in which you wish to scan tickets.
  • Click the teal “Scan Tickets” button. 
  • If prompted, enable the Cheddar Up app to access your camera (this is needed to scan tickets).
  • Hold your device’s camera above the QR code on the attendee’s ticket. If at any time you have an issue scanning a QR code, you can simply click the button for manual check in, where you can manually enter the ticket number. 
  • Once scanned, look for a “Done!” screen, allowing you to either scan your next ticket or exit scanning. 

Allow volunteers to scan tickets with an Event Code

An Event Code is a special code that the owner of a Cheddar Up account can create for a specific collection page. This Event Code will then allow people (often volunteers!) to scan tickets (and accept point-of-sale payments) without ever needing the account owner’s login credentials.

View this article to learn everything you need to know about creating and managing an Event Code.

To scan tickets using an Event Code, volunteers should take the following steps: 

    • First, download the latest version of the Cheddar Up mobile app: iOS or Android
    • Enter your Event Code (Learn more here)
    • From there, simply follow steps 5-6 detailed above. 

Understand possible ticket scanning errors

While scanning tickets, there are a few scenarios in which you may not receive the expected “Done!” (or success) screen. These cases include: 

  • If a QR code ticket has already been redeemed (the date of redemption will be noted on the error screen).
  • If a QR code ticket has been revoked and/or refunded. 
  • If a QR code ticket is detected as “unrecognized”, which typically means it’s not a QR code belonging to the Cheddar Up ticketing platform. 

In all of these scenarios, it’s logical to conclude that the attendee may not have a valid ticket and should be advised to check their inbox for a more recent QR code ticket or contact the individual who purchased their ticket for more information.