Paying and signing up for things on Cheddar Up is super easy. Here's what payers need to know.

Where to go to pay

For privacy reasons, it’s not possible to search on Cheddar Up to find your group’s collection. Instead, the organizer of your group will need to share a specific URL with you. If you were just told to "pay on Cheddar Up", you'll want to go back to your group organizer and ask for the link.



It's easy - no account or app needed

Paying on Cheddar Up is easy. It’s one reason why Cheddar Up is uniquely perfect for collecting payments and information from groups. With Cheddar Up:

  • You don't need to create an account.
  • You don't need to download an app.
  • You don't need to remember any login credentials.

Just “click and pay”...for anything. Friction-free payment - that’s our goal! 

See it in action: 


Steps to pay

Once you receive collection link, take the following steps to make a payment:

      1. Click the link or enter the URL into your web browser (on desktop or mobile).

      2. Add items to your cart (and answer any item-related questions (if applicable)), then click "continue" on the cart fly-down in the upper right corner.


      3. Fill out any required forms, sign ups or waivers (if applicable).


      4. Choose your payment method, and enter your payment information.


      5. You’re done! Look for a detailed email receipt in your inbox shortly.


Our goal is for group organizers to always be able to use the platform at zero expense. That’s why transactional fees are passed on to the payer by default. But as a payer, you’re in control and you have options! One of them being “free” (cash/check) and another that can be as low as a flat $0.59 (eCheck). Go here to learn more about fees. 

Where to go with questions

If you have a question about something related to what you paid for or are trying to pay for (e.g., “I ordered the wrong size”, “I missed the deadline!”, “I haven’t received my sweatshirt yet”, etc.), make sure you contact the organizer. In cases like this, the Cheddar Up Support team will not be able to answer these questions. Contact the organizer by using the “contact” link on the collection.

Common Questions

How do I request a refund?
To request a refund, reach out to the organizer of the collection in which you made a payment. You can send the organizer a message using the "Contact" link found at the bottom of the collection. Alternatively, you can send an email to to request the organizer contact info or to inquire about a refund in process.
Can I pay on my mobile phone?

You can pay from any device (laptop, mobile phone, ipad, etc.).

Do I need to create an account or download an app to pay?
No. When you pay on Cheddar Up, you always have the option to pay as a guest. If you wish to create an account when paying - to save a payment method and make subsequent payments easier - you have that option, but it is not required.

You also do not need to download an app in order to pay. Cheddar Up's mobile apps are created for group organizers (the person who created the collection) to create and manage their collections and to use to accept in-person (point-of-sale) payments. Payers do not need to download an app, and actually cannot make a payment using our mobile app. Again...just “click and pay”.
Can I use Internet Explorer?
We strongly recommend using any browser type other than Internet Explorer if you can avoid it. Cheddar Up does NOT support versions of Internet Explorer lower than IE11.
How can I confirm my payment was successful?
When you make a payment via Cheddar Up, you will receive a payment confirmation email. If you don't see the email in your inbox within a few minutes, be sure to check your spam or junk folders.

If you have a Cheddar Up account, you can also see payments you've made to others by logging into your account and clicking on Payment History, accessible on the teal left navigation on your Collections Dashboard.
Where can I see payments I've made on Cheddar Up?
You can see a list of all the payments you've made on Cheddar Up by going to Order History (accessible on the teal left navigation on your Collections Dashboard).
How can I update or cancel a recurring payment?
Payers can go here to learn more about managing their recurring payments, including how to update their payment method, retry a payment or cancel a payment.