Cheddar Up is a flexible platform that can be used to collect payments and forms for almost anything. Everyday, thousands of organizers find us and amaze us with the creative ways they find to use the platform to collect.

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The best place to view common use cases for Cheddar Up is within our Template Library. There, you'll see hundreds of use cases that you can filter by either group type or use case. If you find one you like, you can make it your own in the click of a button to help you get up and running even faster! 

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Common Questions

Can I use Cheddar Up to collect for forms only?

Yes. Many organizers do this. When you create a collection with no items and only a form, your form becomes front and center and is the first thing people see on your collection. In this case, we also change the button-prompt text appropriately (e.g., “pay now” becomes “submit”, etc.). Your reporting also remains tidy, despite not collecting payments.

Can I use Cheddar Up for sign ups?
Yes! Cheddar Up has a separate form type just for sign ups that includes robust sign up functionality that you can add to your collections. Learn more about sign ups here.
Can I use Cheddar Up for point of sale?
Yes. We have iOS and Android mobile apps that have a built-in point-of-sale flow that allows you to take in-person payments with or without card readers. Learn more here.
Can I use Cheddar Up to sell things?
Absolutely. We have features including item variations, shipping, discount codes, visitor report, and our gallery view that are made for sellers. Learn more here.
Can I use Cheddar Up for a raffle?
While Cheddar Up has the capabilities to help collect for an online raffle (and many organizations who have sought the proper approvals to do so use the platform in this way), keep in mind that states have exclusive rights and laws that determine what is allowed in terms of gaming in the US, which includes raffles. Prior to using Cheddar Up for any online raffles, it is critical that organizers check with their state’s Attorney General office or local regulatory agency before planning a raffle to determine regulations for nonprofit raffles in your area. Cheddar Up is not responsible for any user who creates a raffle using Cheddar Up without proper legal approval, and if notified of any such illegal raffle collections on our platform, Cheddar Up will be forced to close the collection and refund any associated contributors. Organizers must verify that they are legally allowed to organizer a raffle – and that raffle tickets can be purchased online – prior to creating a raffle collection page. If your organization exists in a state where online raffles are prohibited, you will not be able to use our platform for this use case.