For organizers who sell on Cheddar Up, this article calls attention to some of our most helpful selling-related features.

 Features sellers love

  • Gallery view: This display view is ideal for selling and showcasing items with images. The "gallery" view highlights the image in a familiar e-commerce display, as opposed to the "list" view, which is better for items without images. See more details here
  • Visitor report: This feature allows you to collect the name and email address of everyone who views your collection. It's great to help grow your marketing list and allow you to follow up to to close a sale. See more details here
  • Timing: This lets you add a start and stop time to your collection. Set it and forget it with our handy timing feature. Prior to the start time, visitors to your collection will see a nifty count-down clock, great for creating anticipation and excitement!
  • Discount codes: Create special discount codes with fixed-amount off or percentage off. You decide the logic. See more details here.
  • Access code: For privacy (and exclusive access!), add an access code to your collection, so only those you invite and provide the code to can access it.
  • Shipping: Add shipping to your collection's checkout. Collect a shipping address and print mailing labels right from Cheddar Up.  See more details here.
  • Custom receipt: Consider adding a custom message to payers' confirmation email. Add a special thank you or outline your return policy. The options are endless! See more details here.
  • Item variations: Create items with different options such as size, color or style with the ability to give each variation a unique price, photo, SKU and quantity available. See full details on how to use this feature here.