Cheddar Up is a flexible platform that can be used to collect payments and forms for almost anything. Everyday, thousands of organizers find us and amaze us with the creative ways they find to use the platform to collect.

Common uses

Below are some common ways we see Cheddar Up being put to work, with some example collections included for each.

TIP: When viewing the example collections, we recommend actually interacting with the pages (i.e., click on items to add them to the cart, click “continue” to proceed to checkout, etc.). Doing so, will reveal key functionality such as item questions and forms. 

Schools Clubs Teams Giving Businesses

Events  |  PTA dues  |  Enrichment programs  |  Spirit wear  |  Fun runs

Example collections:
Homestead Elementary Spirit Wear
Hillside Enrichment Program
Denison High School Reunion

Common Questions

Can I use Cheddar Up to collect for forms only?

Yes. Many organizers do this. When you create a collection with no items and only a form, your form becomes front and center and is the first thing people see on your collection. In this case, we also change the button-prompt text appropriately (e.g., “pay now” becomes “submit”, etc.). Your reporting also remains tidy, despite not collecting payments.

Can I use Cheddar Up for sign ups?
While Cheddar Up was not created to solve “sign ups”, many organizers use it for this. In particular, our item variations can be used to create robust sign ups.
Can I use Cheddar Up for point of sale?
Yes. We have iOS and Android mobile apps that have a built-in point-of-sale flow that allows you to take in-person payments with or without card readers. Learn more here.
Can I use Cheddar Up to sell things?
Absolutely. We have features including item variations, shipping, discount codes, visitor report, and our gallery view that are made for sellers. Learn more here.