Change your subscription plan

Whether you’re looking to upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan, we’ll show you how.

Change your plan

To change your subscription plan, take the following steps: 

  1. Go to My Account > Plan and Billing.
  2. Under "Your Plan", click the blue "Change" link.   
  3. On the next view, you’ll see three plans showing your current plan and giving you two alternative plans. Click the plan you wish to be on, and follow the subsequent prompts.

    NOTE: If you’re looking for more information on each plan, go here

What to know about downgrading

There are a few things to know when considering a downgrade from a paid plan to the Basic plan: 

  • Collection deletion: If you have collections that use Pro and/or Team features, upon downgrading, those collections will be deleted and will not be able to be recovered. This includes the collection as well as all tracking, data and reporting related to that collection. You will not be able to replicate the collection in the future or refer back to data.

    NOTE: If you downgrade from the Team plan and have a collection with active recurring payment contracts, those contracts will end and no future recurring payments will occur on them. This cannot be undone. 

  • Pause option: If you are on the Pro plan and are looking to downgrade but don’t want to have any collections deleted that still use Pro features, you can choose to jump to our Pro Pause plan for only $5 per month. This will be presented to you as an option when downgrading from the Pro plan to the Basic plan. The Pro Pause plan does not allow the use of Pro features, but keeps any current collections intact that use those features. When you choose the Pro Pause plan, whenever you’re ready to upgrade again, your collection, data and tracking will be there waiting for you to pick up where you left off. 
  • Balance limitation: If you have an active or pending balance on a collection that uses Pro or Team features, you will not be allowed to downgrade until the payment has cleared and been withdrawn. This ensures you're able to withdraw all collected funds prior to a collection being deleted.

Common Questions

What if I select the annual plan by accident?

If you accidentally select and pay for the annual plan, and you prefer to be on the monthly plan, if you contact Cheddar Up Support within the "refund or change period" they can help you make this change. Learn more about our Refund Policy.

Can I change from the annual plan to the monthly plan?
After the "refund or change period" has passed, it is not possible to change from the annual to the monthly plan. 
Can I change from the monthly plan to the annual plan?
Sure. Anytime. And you’re smart to do so, because you receive two months free on the annual plan! If you’re concerned about collections being deleted when making the change, contact Cheddar Up Support and they can guide you through it.
Can I ask Cheddar Up Support to downgrade for me?
No. Cheddar Up Support has strict policies that only allow the account owner to downgrade from a paid plan. This action cannot be done by Cheddar Up Support. This policy is in place because it’s important for the account owner to fully understand what might be deleted upon downgrading. If you email support and ask them to downgrade your account, please know that they will not be able to do so.
Can I change from an Individual to Organization account?
Yes. Go here to learn more about the difference between these two account types. If your account is already verified, contact Cheddar Up Support for help with this change.