Manage notifications and alerts

Here we help you understand key alerts related to your account as well as email notification settings you can use to control repeat notifications sent on the platform.   

Notification Settings 

If you would like to avoid receiving "Payment Received" confirmation emails, you can turn off these emails on an account-wide basis by going to My Account > Notification Settings. Turning these off means, if you are an organizer and are, for example, receiving hundreds of payments, you can avoid also receiving hundreds of emails in your inbox. Please note that if you turn off these emails, you will continue to receive "Payment Confirmation" emails when you make a payment to someone else on the platform.

In addition to disabling "Payment Received" emails, you will see the option to turn off any payment reminders you might be receiving from other group organizers. Looking at the visual below, you will simply uncheck the box next to the emails you wish to disable. Keep in mind that you can turn these emails back on at anytime by returning to your Notifications Settings and rechecking the boxes. 


Account Alerts

If you have taken any key security-related actions on your account, or have a pending administrative-related issue regarding your account (e.g., your password has changed, you received a dispute, you added a new bank account, etc.), you will be alerted to these changes via an email as well as an account alert. 

If you have an alert, you will see an orange exclamation in the upper-right corner of your browser. You can view any active alerts within My Account > Alerts. If you no longer wish to see an alert, you will see the option to "clear alert". You can see an example of an alert within My Account below.