Create a custom collection banner

Every collection looks better with a little pizzazz at the top of your collection. Read this article to learn more about our image library and editing tools that will help make your collection banner shine

Add a banner image multiple ways

Within Build > Details, when you click “Add a banner image”, you’ll be taken to our image editor where you can design a banner. To get started, you can add an image via three different methods, including:

  • Uploading a photo from your own device
  • Searching through our image library with thousands of photos
  • Taking a photo with your device’s camera

See below to learn more about searching through our library of thousands of images. 

Search our image library

When you are within the banner image editor, you have the option to add an image by searching our image library. This library is powered by Unsplash, which gives you thousands of images to search from, and ultimately select, based on a simple keyword search. Take the following steps to add an image from our image library:

  1. Click the orange “Select Photo” button. 
  2. Click “Select from gallery”.
  3. When presented with the search bar, enter a keyword to search for an image that fits with your collection’s purpose and/or theme, and then click “Search”. 
  4. Look through the search results, with the option to load more results if you don’t see something in the initial results, or enter alternate keywords until you find an image. 
  5. Once you find an image, select it and you will be taken back to the image editor where you can continue to edit it, add and format text, and more. 

See below to learn more about editing your banner images with our image editing tools.

Edit your selected banner image

Whether you add your own image or find one within our image library, you can then use our image editor to make it even better. Common editing actions that will make your collection banner shine include:

  • Cropping or rotating 
  • Adding text on top of your image - in different fonts and colors
  • Layering on additional images, such as a logo or emblem
  • Adding shapes with varying transparencies
  • Adding image filters or frames
  • Finetuning your image's brightness and more

Once your image looks how you want it, click "Save". You can then preview your collection with your snazzy new banner image and edit it at any time.

Pro Tip

We recommend using a banner image that is at least 1200 X 675 pixels and is no larger than 10 MB. Supported file types include JPG and PNG. You cannot upload a PDF

See it in action: