A collection is the page that an organizer creates and shares with a group to collect payments. There are four steps in the process of creating a Collection on Cheddar Up, which we outline here.
Step 1: Details
On Build > Details, give your collection a name. This is the only required field on this step. Consider further customizing your collection by adding a banner image and description (a field that allows additional details your payers may need to know).
Step 2: Items
On Build > Items, click "Add Item" to create your items. An item is anything that someone can pay for and has a cost associated with it. You can create items with an exact amount, an open amount or a recurring amount. More details about items.
Step 3: Forms
On Build > Forms, click "Add Form" or "Add Waiver", which will allow you to gather information from payers by creating an optional form. Give the form a name and build it one question at a time.  More details about forms.
Step 4: Settings
On Build > Settings, you can choose from and add many optional settings that allow additional customization of your collection. Some of these option are available on the Basic plan, while others are only available on the Pro or Team plans. Once you've added your options, you're ready to share your collection!